Old News

Sunday, October 12, 1997
WWW Usage is now in beta state, and I've decided to do a public beta release. There's so many new things added that I thought it would be a shame to make people wait even longer for the new version.
Saturday, October 04, 1997
Version 1.1.2 of my WWW Usage applet is nearing completion. A few new features have been added, and some bugs have been fixed. Currently the program is still in alpha and won't be released until beta or later.
September 22, 1997
I've begun to use Style Sheets on my pages. A little white-space does make things a bit more readable.
September 19, 1997
I had some of my pages encased entirely in tables and with multi-columns. I got tired of how slow it loaded, and it was kind of confusing to look at, so I'm back to a simpler layout.
September 12, 1997
I've updated my main page and my PC Mail-Order page to HTML4.0, and I've got almost everything validated and Bobby checked.
September 5, 1997
I got my PC Mail-Order Survey back up and running. It's even better than before.
August 13, 1997
Usage stats! Pie charts! Graphs! Everyone likes to see how often their web pages are hit. I've made a Java applet that shows all kind of info about how often and who is looking at my web pages. Check out the WWW Usage page to see it. If you'd like to use this applet for your own page, check out my Programming page.
July 1997
I've updated my Java Checkers game. The computer is much more intelligent, and I've added user controls. Be sure to try it out.

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