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JBooks 0.1.1 Beta

JBooks is a Java-based personal finance application. The main interface is a checkbook-like view, which allows you to enter and see your transactions. It is based around an SQL relational database, using a double-entry system for all transactions. That means that every transaction involves a transfer from one account to another.

The current version of JBooks is version 0.1.1 Beta. Future version will include additional features like reports, printing and Import/Export of transaction data.


WWW Usage 1.2.0 Beta

WWW Usage is a Java applet/application that analyzes web server access logs and converts them into nice, interactive graphs. It understands NCSA Common Log File format (CLF) and the extended Combined CLF.

The current stable version of WWW Usage is version 1.1.1. Version 1.2.0 is in beta state. The documentation here applies to version 1.2.0 final. Many things are different in the 1.1.1 and beta releases.

How to interpret the statistics


How to use this for your own pages

  1. Unzip the archive into some directory where your web server can get to it. It will create a file called www_usage.html and a directory www_usage.
  2. Make a link from your usage log file to www_usage/www_transfers

        cd www_usage
        ln ~/public_html/www_transfers www_transfers

        cd www_usage
        ln -s /etc/httpd/log/access.log www_transfers
  3. Load up www_usage.html in your favorite Java-enabled browser

Parameter Values

The list of possible parameter values is available in a seperate table. This includes the name, type, default and description of each parameter.

Changes Since 1.1.1


The number of changes from version 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 required an increase in the version release number. major version.minor version.revision


Final version never released.


Java Checkers

Java Checkers is a simple version of checkers that I ported from a Perl script I wrote for an AI class once. It's one player versus the computer. It's pretty fun to waste time with this.


Java Checkers is available here at

Docgen v0.3.2

Docgen is a program to automatically create documentation of Objective C class source code.

You can create documentation in multiple formats including RTF, HTML and plain text.

You can run docgen with a starting directory, and docgen will then look for any matching .h and .m class files. From those files it will create NeXT-style documents.

NEW The '-R' recursive option is seven times faster.



Docgen is available at


To produce .rtf documentation, docgen requires just a standard C compiler. To do .txt and .html you need Objective C with either the NeXT or GNU runtime. To dynamically load formatting classes requires the NeXT runtime.

Changes Since 0.3.0





ObjectMaker is NextStep software for the creation of 3D RenderMan (.RIB) files from 2D polygons using extrusion and surface-of-revolution techniques.

ObjectMaker was developed by Bill Bereza, Ben Engelsma and Chad Berghorst.


ObjectMaker is available locally here as ObjectMaker.compressed


Kalkulator is a simple NextStep calculator app. It's based on an example, and I don't even remember why I made it.


Kalkulator source code is available here as


Clock is a count-down "timer" NextStep app. It was designed solely for use as a prop in one of my brother's movies. It does nothing useful.


Clock source code is available here as

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