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I created this page after buying a new PC from a mail-order company. My experience was good, but after reading some of the horror stories in the newsgroup comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.systems I wish something like this existed before I made my choice.

A new computer can be a very large purchase. And for some people, like students, a new computer can involve a lot of debt. There are many mail order companies, and a few anecdotes on Usenet or in a magazine won't be helpful in making the right choice. This page may not help you make a good decision, but hopefully it will keep you from losing out to a bad company.


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The Survey

I'm now asking for some kind of identification. The main purpose of this is to catch bogus claims and/or multiple entries. Note: Your name and e-mail address will be shown only if you enter comments with your report.

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Choose a company from the list, or enter a new company below.

If possible, enter a phone number that can be used to reach the company.

Please enter the date when this experience took place.


Rate the company on the following scale.
Got what you ordered, in reasonable time, at expected price, no unpleasant surprises.
Minor delays, unpleasant salesperson, hard to get through to toll free line; probably not enough to keep you from ordering from them again.
Major problems occurred, but you were satisfied enough with with the way they were resolved that you might consider ordering from them again when you cool off.
Major problems occurred that either were not satisfactorily corrected or that you feel were significant enough to begin with that you wouldn't consider ordering from them again under any circumstances.

Enter any extra comments that you would like others to read.


Press the Submit button when you're finished and ready to send your form. Press the Reset button if you want to erase what you've typed without submitting it.


Please mail me any suggestions you might have for the page.

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January 9, 2000 This site has a new link, new name, and even more ads than before. It's probably the largest survey of this type now.

An unwieldy name, but lots of information. It has strict registration requirements which are supposed to stop fraudulent evaluations, but it also seems to accept advertising directly from companies that are in the survey.

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Another survey similar to this one, but a little flashier.



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