Look at me if you dare...


When I'm not programming, I spend my time taking pictures. I won't say I'm a great photographer, but I have fun. The photo used in my home page is a self-portrait.

Photo Gallery

Sunday, January 25, 1998: I've added a few more photos.

Check out my current favorite photos. (Actually these are probably just the pictures that I've gotten around to scanning, so I probably have better/more favorite pictures that aren't on the page.)

QuickCam Art?

Well, it may not have the quality of film, but it is very fun to play with. I think that great things can be done with this wonderful camera. And it sure helps fill up a home page.

Coffee Cup

=== Some interesting coffee cups ===

Check out a series of experimental pictures made with the QuickCam.

My Equipment

Check out the stuff I have used for taking pictures. I won't say which pictures were taken with what, though, because I don't think it matters.

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