A Coffee Cup

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This is a series of pictures I made to explore the visual possibilities of the QuickCam.
Although the technical quality of these pictures might not be the greatest, it is still a camera. If you can take a good picture with a film camera, you can take a good picture with the QuickCam.
The nice thing about this QuickCam is that you can see your picture on the screen while you adjust the settings. The results are immediately visible to you. There's no guessing about how your idea will work after the film's been developed. It's instant gratification, and you have an infinite supply of "film." 
These picture are exactly what came from the camera. I performed no post-processing on the images. It may have been possible to get the same results by starting with perfectly exposed pictures and then altering them, but I wanted to see what the camera could do.
All of the pictures on this page are 320x240 with 64 shades of gray. The only adjustments I made with the camera were the Brightness, Contrast and White Balance. Actually, those are about the only adjustments available.
The cup is sitting on the corner of my computer table. The lighting for the pictures comes from a 75 watt table lamp with a shade, and a 150 watt swing-arm lamp. You can see the lamp in a stop-motion video.
The QuickCam was mounted on a Yashica ST-7 table tripod held in my hand while I made adjustments with the QuickPict software. One of the limitations of the QuickCam is that you're tethered by the length of the parallel cable connected to your computer. But I think that there are countless numbers of interesting images visible from within six feet of my machine.
© 1996 Bill Bereza