Rural Landscapes

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures were taken at my parent's farm in Ravenna, Michigan.
[At the Pond]

At the Pond. Iwacziw, Ukraine. June, 1997.
[Old Farm]

Old Farm. Coopersville, Michigan. Summer, 1997.
[Girl with Flowers]

Girl with Flowers. Iwacziw, Ukraine. June, 1997.
[Joe Driving]

Joe Driving. Coopersville, Michigan. Summer, 1997.
[Mower Wheel]

Mower Wheel. Ravenna, Michigan. Fall, 1996.
[Derek and Jacob]

Derek and Jacob. Ravenna, Michigan. Summer, 1997.
[Vines and Shed]
Vines and Shed. September, 1994.
Ladder. 1994
[Lush Garden]
Lush Garden. September, 1996.
[Red Door]
Red Door. Joe & Diane's.
Coopersville, Michigan. Summer, 1994
[Rope in the Barn]
Rope in the Barn. September, 1996.
Rusty. September, 1996.
[Garden Panorama]
Garden Panorama. Spring, 1994?

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