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Bill Bereza
EGR 226
November 22, 1995
This page is defunct. These reviews haven't changed since this date. This page will only be updated to fix links.

PCB sites

Collins Printed Circuits' Home Page -
This looks like the usual non-creative corporate site. There's really no useful information here. It looks mainly like it was copied right out of a brochure. There is some information about recovery of materials from the manufacturing process, but nothing about recycling old circuit boards.
Alberta Printed Circuits -
This is also a commercial site, but unlike the last one I found some interesting information here. There wasn't any environmental information though. Some of the information may also be pretty basic if someone already knows about printed circuit boards. S ome of the topics on the site are What is A Printed Circuit Board, Manufacturing Process, Applied CADD, Basic Photoplotting Principles, Terms and Rules Applicable to PCB's. There was also a nice list of relevant web-links, and even some MSDOS freeware including a full-blown PCB layout program.
Tecnotes -
This is an interesting site. It is a commercial site, and it has nothing to do with the process or design of printed circuit boards. But it does deal very much with the recycling of PCB's. Actually it's a company which makes business accessories from old circuit boards. It includes things like binders, planners, memo books, clipboards, clocks and key chains. If this site has no other use, it would make a nice place to look for holiday presents.
Printed Circuit Prototyping Manual -
This is a complete guide to everything you need to know to do PCB prototyping. To me it looked like there was tons of information. And there was very little commercialism too.
NASA Electronic Packaging & Processes Branch -
This site doesn't have a large amount of information, but what it does have looks useful. A large part of it has included environmental issues including texts of a newsletter entitled Alternatives to Ozone Depleting Substances Newsletter.
The MicroElectromagnetics Device Group -
This is mainly a page about research done at the University of Texas at Austin. I think it looks interesting. Here's their description of what they're doing: The Microelectromagnetic Devices Group studies the electromagnetic behavior of structures fabr icated using integrated circuit processing techniques.
Miltec Electronics Inc. -
This is another commercial site, but it doesn't look like a brochure. There are two main pieces of information here: High Yield/Low Waste Materials and Processes and Soldering SMD`s Without Solder Paste
Automata Inc. -
Although this is yet another commercial site, and they have as much advertisement as any other site, they also provide much more information than most commercial sites. And much of the information is not about their own products. They have sections for te chnical papers and engineering tools.
T 'n D Graphics Ltd. -
This is a really odd site. It's a site for a PCB layout design company which has added the services of designing Web-pages and maintaining Internet sites.
IBM Journal of R & D - Adhesion science and technology -
A list of papers that aren't specifically about PCB's, but what they talk about has to do with things PCBs need. Lots of interesting research.
Alberta Microelectronic Centre -
When you first look at this site, it looks like there's a lot of information, but there actually isn't very much that is useful.
Yahoo Search Results for "printed circuit board" -
This is actually just a search through Yahoo for anything to do with PCBs. Although this isn't a static page, it's an easy way to find lots of sites dealing with a subject all in one place.
Alpha Printed Circuit Board Designs -
They have some very nice looking pages, but there is almost no useful information.
Electronic Prototyping: Tips and Pitfalls -
This looks like a really great site. I always like tips and warnings kind of information. And the fact that it's not commercial makes me happy.
Printed Circuit Board Fabricators Home Page -
This is another very good site, even though it's still under construction. According to the author his goal is "to make this home page a technical reference and resource for the Printed Circuit Board fabricators". It's a commercial site, but it doesn't lo ok like one. Another plus.
SMTnet Library -
A nice list of papers, articles, books and other information. Not all of it has to do with PCBs.

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